Garret Vreeland


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1886 Benz Replica, from the 2011 Santa Fe Concorso

1925 Morgan Grand Prix

As you entered the Concorso, this was the first car you saw, and it was a doozy. A three wheel Morgan.

1925 Morgan Grand Prix, side detail.

Loved the Esso gas can.

1925 Bugatti Type 35A

Snapped at the 2011 Santa Fe Concorso.

1925 Bugatti Type 35A Grand Prix

Fascinating leatherwork, fit and finish.

1917 Detroit Electric Model 66 Opera Coupe

Advertised (in 1911) range was 80 miles, but company-sponsored tests achieved 211 miles on a single charge. Car is original except for paint and batteries. So, Detroit, what happened?

The impressive line of 1930s autos at the 2011 Santa Fe Concorso.

When you bought one of these, you bought a big hunk o' steel.

1932 Lincoln KB Boat Tail Speedster

V-12, 448 cubic inch engine ... yet 150 horsepower!

1932 Lincoln KB Boat Tail Speedster, cockpit

Black and white shows off the details better. Too much reflection going on! 2nd in its class at Pebble Beach.

1932 Lincoln KB Boat Tail Speedster

At the end of a 136 inch wheelbase.

1927 Kissel "Gold Bug" Speedster, Model 8-75

This car is in ORIGINAL UNRESTORED CONDITION. Less than 25,000 miles on the ticker.

1935 Packard Rumble Seat Coupe

1935 was the first year Packard used reverse-opening ('suicide') doors.

1951 Osca MT4-2AD

Don't get to see cherry Oscas very often!

1951 Osca MT4-2AD, Cockpit

No airbags here!

1966 Chaparral 2E Can-Am

One of my favorite race cars of all time. How many slot cars and models I purchased in my childhood!

1966 Chaparral 2E Can-Am

These were not luxury cockpits - workmanlike and pure function.